What was done during the summer?

3 contracts were signed with the Pierson Publishing House, Education, and Peace, The Absorbent Mind and The Secret of Childhood are in the process of translation already! Also, we are translating The Scientific Pedagogy.

5 lectures/meetings were held for teachers and volunteers of shelters that take care of the IDP and we don’t plan to stop! The support of teachers and families at this time is the first place for us.

We had a meeting for the parents with Pamela Green (more than 150 parents have watched it).

Full week workshop on Montessori-Orff Music with Inga Sieminski for more than 50 Ukrainian educators!

We discussed options for cooperation within the framework of grant programs with the Ministry of Education and Culture, we really want to include Montessori in public education.

We are honored to have the support of the Montessori family. Phillip Montessori and Alexander Henny are very supportive of our initiatives and desire to make the method available to everyone and will support us from his side in all possible ways. We are infinitely grateful!

During these months, we contacted a large number of international colleagues, true professionals in their field, and little by little we translate their articles, and lectures, and involve them in educational and material support of the Montessori method in Ukraine!

Anna Volokhova
Anna Volokhova

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