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The war will end, and the community will remain.

We invite you to support our main projects:

  • Provision of educational materials and books to the Montessori schools
  • Establishing connections between Ukrainian and international schools to support urgent needs
  • Educational support for all kinds
  • Financial support for the implementation of educational programs
  • Distribution of the book “Education and Peace” to the libraries of Ukraine
  • Support of the translation and printing of the works of Maria Montessori
  • Mentoring, strategizing, and advocacy for our team

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Our projects

Support for Montessori Institutions

Educational institutions have been damaged by rocket attacks and continue to suffer from constant power and heat outages.

Our organization is in touch with 56 Montessori spaces in Ukraine and is looking for ways to help each of them. For the comfort of everyone, we have created a map of Montessori Institutions in Ukraine.

  • Together with the NGO “Zgraya” we delivered 10 generators to educational institutions, including 2 Montessori institutions;
  • We paid for 3 generators for Montessori Kindergartens;
  • We provided financial assistance to 6 Montessori institutions (salaries, materials, furniture, equipment);
  • We donated Montessori materials and books from international partners to 8 Montessori institutions.

The reports are here and on our Instagram (in the “Reports” highlight).

If you want to join the support of schools, download the instructions and contact us here.

If you or your school would like to organize a circle about Ukrainian culture and participate in a fundraising campaign download the instructions

Support for internally displaced families in shelters

Shelters are places of support for internally displaced people. These facilities work with children and parents.

Under such conditions, it is difficult for people to meet their basic needs. Our organization provides them with humanitarian aid and educational support.

  • Together with the Nova Ukraine Charitable Foundation, we provided books and humanitarian aid to 280 children in Kryvyi Rih.
  • Together with the NGO “Zgraya“, we provided humanitarian aid to 600+ children throughout Ukraine.
  • Conducted training on the basics of the Montessori method and socio-emotional learning for 54 teachers in 14 shelters.
  • Run a year-long socio-emotional learning program, Think Equal, that helps children overcome the trauma they’ve experienced due to the war.

Educational support for children, parents and teachers

Our organization has created projects to support each group:

  • We held 20 meetings with international and Ukrainian experts for parents and teachers. 900+ listeners attended them. Some of the meetings are available on our YouTube channel.
  • Conducted a course on Montessori philosophy for 500 teachers in cooperation with AMI trainer Maria Roth.
  • Together with Think Equal, we conducted a course on socio-emotional learning for 165 teachers. We run a program in 55 classes in 18 regions of Ukraine.
  • Conducted a Montessori Orff music course for 52 teachers.

Translation and publication of books by Maria Montessori

So far, no books by Maria Montessori have been available in Ukrainian.

That’s why we took on the translation of the main works:

  • “The Montessori Method”
  • “Education and Peace”
  • “The Secret of Childhood”
  • “The Absorbent Mind”

Currently, Education and Peace is already at the stage of preparation for publication. The rest of the books are next in line.

If you have other suggestions for cooperation or any questions – please, contact us