Regular meeting for parents, and teachers

Our organization started two types of events:

Montessori Ukraine together with Tetiana Kukla launches intervisional meetings for Montessori teachers.

This is a meeting of equal specialists/teachers/psychologists with the presence of a moderator.

The moderator prepares information on the topic according to the plan. All participants on this topic share their experiences and discuss the information that was announced in the group.

Nowadays it is so important to be able to speak out, and get support, and ideas about where to move.

Every two weeks, on Thursday, at 19:00 Kyiv time, we hold free meetings for teachers on the Zoom platform.

“I soooo needed advice in the first years of work in 3-6. And then at the beginning of the school opening.
And now there seem to be fewer questions, but I constantly ask questions whenever possible. Either to the coach during training or at supervision with specialists.
Opportunities to communicate with the coach and supervisor impose, of course, financial obligations. Which in our time can be burdensome, but help is still needed.
So we decided to act and organize such a group!” – Tetyna Kukla

Topics can be planned for the next few months. When there are people willing to take the moderator’s place, we will make a schedule of meetings and topics.

Another meeting is for parents! We have created a space where once every two weeks parents can ask questions, cry, be filled with energy, and learn something new. Every two weeks, on Friday, at 19:00 Kyiv time, we hold free meetings for parents on the Zoom platform.

The presenters are: Yulia Efymenko

Master of Psychology, therapist of Positive Psychotherapy. Montessori teacher with 8 years of experience. Co-founder of the project “Club Mommy”, which is aimed at psychological and educational support for families, and Montessori-child.

Alyona Popova

Mother of three boys, Montessori teacher 0-3, an expert in planning, organization, and resource-conscious parenting.

Author of the books “Mom: I Want and I Will”, “32 Time Management Ideas for Children”, “Kids for Dad”, women’s weekly “My Successful Year”, courses and lectures for women about resources, fulfillment, happy motherhood, and parenting.

She is a presenter of transformational games.

We hope these meetings will help parents to feel supported. It’s important to see that you’re not alone!

Anna Volokhova
Anna Volokhova

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