Montessori UA – helps to unfold the potential of every family

“In these times, more than ever before, our hope is that education will offer an aid to better the condition of the world.”

Maria Montessori

Who are we?

Non-profit organization “Montessori Ukraine”

Due to the war in Ukraine, children can’t live their life, can’t enjoy their childhood. Families are leaving their homes, moving cities and counties, losing friends and family members every day. Every day is a challenge when there is war in your country.

We united into a powerful team of like-minded people in the spring of 2022, in response to the full-scale war in Ukraine, to ensure the support and development of the Ukrainian Montessori Community. Our team consists of Montessori educators, therapists, psychologists, school owners, and local manufacturers. MontessoriUA is open to cooperation and already established relationships with national and international organizations and government agencies, publishers, and patrons in order to fulfill our mission – spreading the Montessori method throughout Ukraine.

The war will end, and the community will remain.

Montessori presentation of sensory materials.
Working with a child in the practical life area.
The child practices spooning in the practical life area.

Our Goals

Shelves with books in the library.
Creation of the library

We are creating a Ukrainian-language library of Montessori materials. We created the first Ukrainian glossary and translate books by Maria Montessori. Our goal is to translate all of her works, as well as the other authors that write on related topics.

Wooden Montessori toys.
Advocacy of the Method

We spread Montessori education in Ukraine by cooperation with the state, UN OCHA, local and international partners to advocate for Montessori programs for public kindergartens, schools, universities, and orphanages.

Montessori material.
Materials and culture

We support Ukrainian Montessori craftsmen who create Montessori materials that reflect the depth and integrity of Ukrainian culture.

A girl with a big toy bear.
Support for children

We support internally displaced children in shelters, consult teachers, conduct educational activities, send humanitarian aid and educational materials.

Work table with books and pencils.
Quality Montessori education

Create quality educational opportunities for parents and educators.

Work table with paints and notepad.
Schools support

We help schools to stay in touch with international colleagues they can bond with and that can support them.

Why it’s important?

According to the MoES, as of 24th of April 2023, 1069 preschools, and more than 2400 educational facilities, including Montessori schools, were damaged in Ukraine. Most of the Montessori schools are facing the possibility of closure due to the economic challenges created by war. This movie shows the united position of support from many Montessorians globally.

We believe the world needs unity as never before to build a strong, independent, and peaceful civilization. As Montessorians, we aim to advocate for the educational model that will make it possible!

If you want to support one of the schools – visit our support page.

Peace for Ukraine Movie (2022)