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In these times, more than ever before, our hope is that education will offer an aid to better the condition of the world.”

Maria Montessori

Who are we?

Public Association "Montessori Ukraine"

According to the MoES, as of September 2022, 748 preschools were damaged in Ukraine. Children lose access to education, and the opportunity to interact with peers and see friends.
We, as followers of Maria Montessori, protect the right of children to quality education.

Having united into a powerful team of like-minded people, we work together to ensure the support and development of the Ukrainian Montessori Community through cooperation with international organizations and government agencies, NGOs and associations, publishers, and patrons. We are open to cooperation at all levels.

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Our Goals

Creation of the library

We are creating a Ukrainian-language library of Montessori materials. 4 books by Maria Montessori are currently in the process of translation, the first of them will be published this year. We also translate articles by international experts and write our own.

Respect for cultural heritage

We create Montessori materials that reflect the depth and integrity of Ukrainian culture for distribution in both preschool and school educational institutions of Ukraine and the world to familiarize children with cultural heritage.

Support for children

We support internally displaced children on the basis of shelters that take care of them, advising teachers and conducting educational activities, sending humanitarian aid and educational materials.

International Cooperation

We cooperate with colleagues from all over the world, exchanging experience, giving Ukrainian teachers the opportunity to improve their skills, and international colleagues - to learn more about Ukraine. In the future we plan to organize conferences.

Spreading the Method

We want to spread Montessori education in Ukraine by creating basic courses for parents and cooperating with the state to prepare Montessori programs for kindergartens and schools.

Montessori materials in Ukraine

We develop unique Montessori materials (such as the map of Ukraine and the alphabet) and seek cooperation with international partners to provide quality Montessori materials to educational institutions in Ukraine

Why it’s important?​

According to the MoES, as of September 2022, 748 preschools, and more than 2400 educational facilities, including Montessori schools were damaged in Ukraine. Most of the Montessori schools are facing the possibility of closure due to the economic challenges created by war. This movie shows the united position of support from many Montessorians globally.
We believe that the world needs unity as never before to build up a strong, independent, and peaceful civilization. As Montessorians, our goal is to advocate for the educational model that will make it possible!
Please, share this movie with your friends and colleagues and join the movement of supporting the education of Ukraine! The war will finish, but kindness and support will take root in the children and educators and bear fruits for future generations.

About our community

We united in the spring of 2022, in response to the large-scale war in Ukraine, to create a platform that brings together specialists, professionals and experts in various fields into a powerful team of like-minded people. The team continues to expand and create conditions for cooperation with specialists in Montessori pedagogy and related fields.

During few of months of our existence we have established cooperation with international and state institutions, public organizations, associations, publishing houses, patrons. We work harmoniously, providing support and development within the Montessori community.

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