Support of the schools this winter

Are you feeling that you are a part of the big Montessori family?

I hope you do! Our organization joined the family this very year and feels welcomed and appreciated! Montessori UA wishes you happy holidays and prosperity for the year ahead!
My name is Anna Volokhova, I’m the founder and CEO of NGO Montessori UA. My main belief is that Montessori is a revolutionary education that creates a culture of conscious parenting, and respect for oneself, for each other, and for the world, which will bring us to a better future!

Here is a brief information about us. We united in the spring of 2022, in response to the large-scale war in Ukraine, to create a platform that brings together specialists, professionals, and experts in various fields into a powerful team of like-minded people.

In less than one year we supported more, than 1000 internally displaced children with educational materials and humanitarian aid; more than 700 educators and parents with educational programs. Our programs directly helped approximately 7000 children all around Ukraine.

We would like to invite you to join us this Christmas!

How exactly does it work?

We are inviting you to support one school and create a Christmas fundraising campaign!

  1. Based on the size of your school we will suggest a couple of schools in Ukraine and will describe their story, conditions, and needs.
  2. We will organize direct communication between your school and the Ukrainian school if needed.
  3. We will consult you on organizing your fundraising campaign if needed (there is an instruction below)
  4. We will provide transparent reports on how the money was spent monthly.
  5.  If your school is interested in cultural exchange – like zoom meeting between children, sending cultural box to each other – we can help to organize that as well!

Our NGO Montessori UA collected information about the Montessori schools of Ukraine and has supported them during the last 6 months. Mostly we provide educational support, for instance in October we organized a Montessori Philosophy Course from the AMI trainer Maria Roth for more than 600 educators for free!
In October our organization was represented at the Montessori Europe conference and fundraised 550 euros that we donated directly to the school in Kherson, which was recently deoccupied. Unfortunately, all the materials from the school were taken by the occupants, so the money will be used to start to fill in the classrooms with the basic things.

Schools and teachers that are working in Ukraine right now are real heroes, for sure. The working conditions are insane: we have sirens and missile attacks almost every day. It disrupts the working cycle and stresses out everyone. Also, schools are facing serious financial problems due to the lack of students.
However, they are extremely motivated to support teachers, children, and parents, to give education for peace, and grow Montessori communities despite the circumstances.

Also, there are different  ways of cooperation:

  • financial support
  • Montessori materials
  • books
  • cultural exchange
  • using more than one option and suggesting ideas are welcomed!

We prepared step-by-step instructions on how to give a lesson about Ukrainian culture and create a fundraising campaign among parents.
Even 10 dollars are helpful to support heating for the children or salary for the teachers!

Check instructions

If you would like to help but don’t have the opportunity to organize a fundraising event you can donate to our organization.


Wishing you happy holidays and hope for cooperation!

Anna Volokhova
Anna Volokhova

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