Public report of cooperation with AMI and MUU

The Montessori Ukraine team is grateful to each participant in Maria Roth’s course
We would like to report officially, just as we reported to the AMI.
This public report is published by Montessori USA for maximum transparency.

AMI clarification and course (download presentation)


  • Detailed report on the implementation of the Maria Roth course by our organization
  •  Proposals to AMI for projects:
    – School to School
    – Lessons of peace
  • The desire of our team to clarify the official position of AMI
    – regarding the war in Ukraine
    – attitude to the Russian affiliate that posts unacceptable texts about scholarships for residents of “southern Russia and Donbas”. Also, a discussion on the vector of development of Ukrainian Montessori.

We are glad that we had the opportunity to conduct this cose for you and share the incredible experience of Frau Roth!

Anna Volokhova
Anna Volokhova

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