Taking wisdom from Alexander Henny, Pamela Green, and collaboration with the UN

This week we held two meetings for educators: one with Pamela Green, where we discussed the importance of following the child and being present in the moment; and another one with Alexander Henny – great-grandson of Maria Montessori, and the head of Montessori Pierson Publishing company.  Alexander shared his childhood memories and answered questions from the audience.

Our head – Anna Volokhova, coordinated a meeting of the preschool education working group for the UN educational cluster for local, international and state experts. With the help of our NGO educational cluster was able to collect all the data on stakeholders and beneficiaries in early childhood education at one place to start moving forward effectively.

We also started preparing for a flash mob in preschools for the International Day of Mental Health in partnership with UNESCO and UNOCHA. If your institution has the desire to join – follow our posts, detailed instructions will be available soon!

We celebrated Teacher’s Day, and together with Better Kids, we created Bingo for you, which allows you to return to the moment (just what Pamela said!). Bingo is on our telegram!
Collected information about the Montessori teachers’ interest to study AMI 3-6 on preferential terms. If you are interested in such an opportunity, write to us by email.

Anna Volokhova
Anna Volokhova

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