Peace for Ukraine Movie and other news of the week!

We celebrated International Peace Day by releasing the “Peace for Ukraine” Movie with the wishes of Montessori educators from around the world. They wish us peace and for the war to end as soon as possible. We sincerely believe that peace will come soon!

We are grateful to everyone who joined the campaign of sharing the film and voiced words of support! We feel unity with the civilized world and it gives us the strength to continue working for good, regardless of any obstacles! Feel free to share it with colleagues, friends, and parents! In the Support section of our website, you can find instructions on how to organize a circle, an art and craft session about Ukraine, and ideas on fundraising at school or in the neighborhood!

At the moment, almost 2,000 people have watched the movie, and if you haven’t made it yet – we invite you to watch it.

Also this week, our team underwent grant-writing training for the future implementation of projects to support Ukrainian Montessori schools, develop a course for parents, and social initiatives.

The head of the organization, Anna Volokhova, joined the coordination of the early childhood development in education from the OCHA and we hope to help not only existing Montessori institutions but also other kindergartens within the framework of this cooperation.

And last but not least, we held a strategic planning session with Maryna Marchenko, where we laid the foundation and vision of work for the next three years. It was very important, thorough work that helped us better understand the overall picture of our activity.

It is hard to believe that these are all the results of one week, and not one month, or even a year! We work hard on a volunteer basis for the benefit of the Ukrainian Montessori community.

We wish you a calm and productive week, Montessori UA team.

Anna Volokhova
Anna Volokhova

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