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AMI Philosophy from Maria Roth for Ukraine

Friends, we hope you are safe! We decided to announce good news without waiting for quiet times so that you all could feel a little better! W ARE ORGANIZING MONTESSORI PHILOSOPHY WITH MARIA ROTH AND AMI! Everyone who wants to…

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Happy Birthday, Maria Montessori! And other news

This week we celebrated the birthday of Maria Montessori, the Day of Knowledge, which helped Montessori kindergartens and expanded the sphere of influence. One of the important news this week is the expansion of two Wikipedia articles: about Maria Montessori…

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What was done during the summer?

3 contracts were signed with the Pierson Publishing House, Education, and Peace, The Absorbent Mind and The Secret of Childhood are in the process of translation already! Also, we are translating The Scientific Pedagogy. 5 lectures/meetings were held for teachers…

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