Annual Reports of NGO “Montessori UA” (2022)

This is the public report of the NGO Montessori UA.

This year our organization was founded (4th of June 2022) and made significant steps for the development of Montessori education in Ukraine. We thank every volunteer, subscriber, and beneficiary for their cooperation and trust! All these results are possible only thanks to you!

We have calculated the approximate number of young and adult Ukrainians who have been affected by our activities, and it is more than 10,000 Ukrainians!


Conducted a sociological survey for 250 respondents and identified the need for Ukrainian translation of Montessori literature, as well as the need to increase the availability of Montessori education and the number of educators.


We signed a contract for the translation of 3 books by Maria Montessori:

  • “Education and Peace”,
  • “The Absorbent Mind”,
  • “The Secret of Childhood”.

The first of them will be submitted for publication in the first quarter of 2023. We also translated more than 10 articles by international experts.

Educational program

We held 10 educational workshops from international Montessori experts with the involvement of 800+ participants:

  • Pamela Green
  • Julia Volkman
  • Inga Sieminski
  • Paul Epstein
  • Alexander Henny
  • Jacqueline Hendriksen
  • Anusha Shrestha

Conducted 2 courses from international trainers with a total involvement of 552 participants:

  • Montessori Orff course by Inga Sieminski
  • AMI Philosophy from Maria Roth

Thanks to our efforts, 6 students are taking the AMI course with 80% discount.

Own projects

  • Teachers support project “Intervision”, where every two weeks teachers can share their experiences, ask for advice and find support from colleagues
  • Parent support project “Chats with parents”, where every two weeks parents can talk to a Montessori teacher and psychologist on important topics and find support among like-minded people.
  • Children’s support project “Evening Storytime”, where 3 times a week children can listen to stories in Ukrainian and English.

Online projects

  • We have created a website where we publish articles from international experts and our own articles in the Library section.
  • Released the film “Peace for Ukraine” in cooperation with international experts. It reveals the opinions of international colleagues on peace and the future of the world in the context of the war in Ukraine. It also demonstrates the terrible losses that the war has brought. The film covered more than 2500 views.
  • Work with Wikipedia. Supplemented Ukrainian-language articles about Maria Montessori and Montessori pedagogy by adding information from the English and Italian versions. At the moment, the Ukrainian Wikipedia page about Maria Montessori is the largest and most complete among all languages.
  • We have created a map of Montessori spaces in Ukraine. This is the first interactive map with more than 60 institutions working according to the Montessori methodology.

Assistance to schools and shelters

We financially supported 4 educational spaces in Ukraine for a total amount of 65 885 UAH* in the cities of Bucha, Cherkasy, Kryvyi Rih, and Kherson. These spaces spent the money on the purchase of generators, materials, and utilities.

We support socially vulnerable groups of the population (IDPs) by providing humanitarian aid to more than 600 children and educational materials to
282 children in 6 regions of Ukraine (Kyiv, Dnipropetrivska, Zaporizka, Poltavska, Zakarpatska, Chernivetska regions).

Conducted 6 educational lectures for teachers and volunteers from shelters and helped to organize a children’s camp in Vorokhta.

International cooperation

Spoke at 3 online and offline conferences:

  • Montessori Europe
  • Education Influence
  • Childhood Potential

Gave 5 interviews to international media:

  • AMS
  • Montessori Institute Prague
  • Public Montessori in Action
  • Childhood Potential
  • URC Radio

Partnership and cooperation

We have united more than 90 specialists in the field of Montessori pedagogy, psychology, the public sector, furniture and materials production, and heads of educational institutions in a single supporting space.

Partnered with 15 international and national organizations.

Montessori UA
Montessori UA

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